HappyAIGen Is Now Live!

HappyAIGen Is Now Live!

🎉 Exciting News: HappyAIGen Is Now Live! 🚀 Play to Earn, and Have Fun!

HappyAIGen, our community-driven project, powered by AI tools from the Crynux Network, is officially live today! Dive into a world of fun activities while earning credits along the way.

Join our Discord server to kickstart your journey with Welcome Credits 👉https://discord.gg/5U2jV9rDSC

Remember, the earlier you join, the more credits you can earn!

🎮 Play AI Games

Engage in thrilling AI-powered games and unleash your creativity by generating images with our AI bot. Stay tuned as we continuously introduce more games to keep the excitement flowing.

Find all the exciting details inside the Crynux Discord server.

🌱 Help Our Community Thrive

Your support is crucial in expanding the Crynux ecosystem. Earn credits by inviting friends to our Discord server and spreading the word about Crynux through tweets.

Follow the instructions within our Discord server to start earning credits by inviting your friends.

⚛️ Start a Crynux Node

Become a pillar of the Crynux Network by starting a Crynux Node. As a node provider, you'll be rewarded for contributing AI computing power to the HappyAIGen project.

Starting a Crynux Node is hassle-free! Simply download the Crynux Node software and launch it with just one click. If you own an NVidia GPU or a Macbook/Mac Studio M1/M2/M3, you can start collecting credits automatically.

Get started with these easy-to-use apps:

Start a node on Windows

Start a node on Mac

Start a node using Docker

The REAL DeAI is the one you can join.

Join us in making decentralized AI a reality!